September 14, 2010

Humboldt Skindivers Meeting Minutes

Minutes – September 14, 2010

ATTENDEES: President Ron, Donna Q, Treasurer Stand-in Denis, Secretary Stand-in Mary, Cliff, Steve, Frank, Carol and Jim.

1. Call To Order: Meeting was called to order by President Ron  at 7:00pm.

2. WELCOME TO NEWCOMERS: No newcomers tonight.

3. MINUTES: Minutes from the meeting of August 10 were accepted by club members.

4. TREASURERS’ REPORT: In the absence of Treasurer Julie, Denis presented the Treasurer’s Report. We gained $1 after turning in the key so now have $1376.43.


  • PHOTO SHOW/ARTS ALIVE: Club members are currently displaying their photos at Arcata Exchange during the month of September.  Donna Q sold one of hers (way to go, Donna!)
  • WHISKEYTOWN DIVE: The club has chosen this site to participate in the annual California Coastal Clean-up on Saturday, September 25. See the September newsletter – the note from Brandon gives overall details regarding Whiskeytown and the clean-up event.  Emails will be sent out a few days prior in case more people decide to go. Donna Queen suggested the campsite receipts be reimbursed by the club as it is a club event – passed. She was also given permission to take the banner and display it on their hood.
  • SWEATSHIRTS: Available now. Let Ron know if you’d like to purchase one and he’ll bring it to the next meeting. (Frank suggested the next batch be navy blue with our logo so members who currently have gray ones will buy another. Stand-in Secretary Mary seconds that.)
  • 2011 ELECTION OF NEW OFFICERS: In January the club will elect new officers for the positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Newsletter Sender. Please think seriously about contributing to the club by running (or re-running) for an office. If you’re interested in one of these positions, show up at the January potluck (date and location to be announced at a meeting later this year) or, if you can’t make it, let Ron know you’re interested.


  • DIRECTION OF CLUB: The discussion that began at the August meeting regarding 1) should the club continue (all in favor of continuing) and 2) how can we get the word out to increase our numbers? (Lots of great ideas but more would certainly be welcomed) Ideas discussed at meeting include utilizing free Public Service Announcements (PSA), free advertising in the Times-Standard (under “North Coast Happenings,” and the “Community Calendar” on KHUM and KHSU, as well as participating in the Arcata Theater Lounge’s “Ocean Night.” Discussion also included either changing the name of the club to be more SCUBA-oriented (not preferred) or to include in our announcements and advertisements more detail about what the club is about (preferred) (e.g., “Humboldt Skindivers is a non-profit organization that focuses on recreational diving, both SCUBA and skindiving,” etc.) Discussion to be continued at future meetings, including the consideration of a new officer position added to the HSD Council entitled “Publicity” or equivalent. Frank and Cliff both volunteered to help with publicity actions, starting with pictures and a write-up of the Coastal Clean-up activity, with strong consideration of focusing on February as a “recruiting” month.
  • RECENT DIVES: Frank did some abalone diving off the Headlands – said there was great conditions and that it was sunny.
  • NEW DIVES: Whiskeytown Coastal Clean-up September 25. Contact Ron for details… Russian Gulch October 9 (meet at 10am)– look for email a few days prior for details.

7. PRESENTATION: The “presentation” was Frank Onstine’s one-minute video of his recent dive at the Headlands (abalone). Amazing camera! (Olympus – good to 30 feet)

8. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

The next meeting will be September  14 at 7:00 p.m. at Chan’s Restaurant, 359 “G” Street, Arcata.

Respectfully submitted in the absence of the regular club secretary,

Mary VanCott

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