May 10, 2011

Humboldt Skindivers Meeting Minutes


May 10, 2011

Chan’s Restaurant


President Cliff called the meeting to order.  Because he had not yet finished his dinner due to a severe case of hot Wasabi overload, Donna started the meeting.  Cliff took over after he had finished his dinner and cooled down a bit.


Introductions: two guests were present.  Both joined the club. Welcome to James Brown and Ray Jones.


Approval of April minutes; M/Charlie, S/ Cliff, to approve.  Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  $1366.66 in the checking account.  Cliff brought HSD shirts and sweatshirts for sale. If you would like one, contact him.  Shirts are $12 and Hooded, full zip Sweat Shirts are $28.


Old Business:

Election of Secretary:  No volunteers.  The meeting note taking will continue on a “who’s there” basis.


Cliff reported that Rick Rosenthal’s  “Open Ocean” presentation at HSU was enjoyed by the 8+ members that attended.  It was personal look at some of the videos he has taken over the years.


Denis reported he is still working on getting wall space for U/W photos at Café Marina.  He will report back at a later meeting.


Monterey Dive is planned for May 21 and 22.  We will be diving Pt. Lobos on May 21 and reservations through State Parks are required. They should be made ASAP because there are only 15 spaces and they fill on weekends.  We may also make dives Friday and Sunday, with the locations depending on conditions. Charlie has made space in his house at Pebble Beach available for club members that are attending.


Mary has put together a list of Underwater related DVDs for possible club purchase to add to our video library. She estimated that it would cost around $65 to purchase.  M/ Dave, S/ Julie to allow her up to $100 to purchase DVDs.  Motion passed.


New Business:


Discussion on rescheduling the Ab grab.  Several dates in June were mentioned.   It was decided to bring it up at the June meeting.  There was also discussion on the Mad Rive Crawdad Dive in June or July, possibly with pizza lunch afterwards.  The river has started clearing up, although more rain is forecast which may muck it up. We will also talk about it next meeting.


Long Beach Dive Show:  Charlie provided two free passes.  President cliff has them if you are interested contact him.  He and Mary went a few years ago and said there were acres of dive related stuff.


Recent Dives:  Frank and Steve went Ab diving at Mendocino headlands He said they had 20’ of vis, conditions were good and Abs were procured.


Charlie reported he did a dive in Trinidad harbor, had 5’ of vis but still found what he was looking for.


Program:  General discussion on diving, and point and shoot cameras and underwater cases.  Many are using the small point and shoots with great results.  Some new models are out that have 14-16 mega pixels, shoot Hi Def video and cost around $250 plus $150 for the case.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Dave White, Acting Secretary

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