March 8, 2011

Humboldt Skindivers Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2011


The meeting was called to order at Chan’s Restaurant by President Cliff Van Cott at 7:05pm with 10 members present.

New visitors were welcomed: David Price, whose wife found us on the internet, and Kirby Morejohn an HSU grad student invited by Brandi.

It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. A discussion ensued to clarify that the club’s name was to remain the same but publicity could include scuba/free dive in the club name. The motion passed.


Treasurers report: No change per Julie.

Donna W volunteered to take minutes. No one was coerced to run for the office of secretary.

Old business: The 2010 award plaque was ordered/picked up by Donna W and mounted by Denis Potter and can be seen on the awards wall at the Marina Café. It was suggested that several pictures could be mounted above the awards plaques. Denis will check with the owner for permission. Dave will look for No. coast pictures.

Cliff has been putting out advertisements for the club meetings and public service spots on the radio. He hasn’t heard or seen one yet.  He will call this week to see what can be done to get them aired.

Monterey Dive: Please call or email Charlie if you plan to go to Monterey for the May 21-22 dive. His email is Point Lobos (Sat dive) reservations need to be made, by each dive pair, as soon as possible after March 21st. Cliff passed out Point Lobos information for those interested. Non-divers may take a photo hike around Pt. Lobos Park.

C cards are required by divers to enter the park. The Sunday dive will be decided by the group.

More at the next meeting.

Ab Grab(April 16-17) No one was going to attend so it was cancelled. A new date was tabled till next meeting.

Dues are still due. $15 per year. Mail to our treasurer Julie.


New Business:

Brandi reported:

Fish and Game will have a meeting about regulation changes on 3/14/11

Terry Moss has designed a Free Diving recovery vest. Talk to Brandi for more info.

Free diving events- 4/2/11 Fort Ross

6/11/11 Manchester- Big Ling/ Big Ab

8/20/11 Ocean Cove- Abalone

No. Coast Dive Shop (under new ownership) Bodega Bay will give 15% discounts in March

Reef Check training upcoming in Fort Bragg

Diving for a Cause (.com) Brandi will be going on their La Pas trip 4/10-17/11 See the website for more trips.

Sources magazine has a picture of Van Dam on the cover taken by Rick Alveres of HSU.

Donna W reported that a sample of the Marine Habitat could be seen outside the Marina Café.

Donna Q reported that millions of sardines had died today in Redondo Beach. Due to lack of oxygen in the calm water.


Ideas for Dives:

May 21-22 Monterey Dive- Charlie will host

July- Dave White will try to put together a South Jetty Dive

July-Frank will be checking on the Crawdads (he volunteered last meeting)

August- Early Hole, Smith River

Sept. 17th– Cliff will organize the Coastal Cleanup dive at Whiskeytown Lake.

November- the Queens are planning a trip to Cozumel. Talk to Donna Q for more information.


Program Ideas:

Brandi will report on her trip to La Pas

Kirby may be able to show some of his underwater videos.

Mary brought up the idea of the club buying some underwater DVD’s to share. She will look into it.

Cliff suggested a talk by someone from NOAA on the wave forecasting tools.


Brandi updated us on the Marine Life Protection Act. They may include a third group, Tribal Fishing with the two existing groups, commercial and recreational fishing.


Cliff reported that T-shirts- $12.00 and Sweatshirts – $25.00 are for sale.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:12


Respectfully submitted,

Donna White

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