June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011 – Minutes   (Chan’s, Arcata)

ATTENDEES:  Ron, Donna, Dave, Donna, Denis, Frank, Ray, Charlie, Jackie, Brandi, Mary & Cliff.

Meeting was called to order by President Cliff at 7:00pm.

WELCOME: By Cliff.

NEWCOMERS: No newcomers this evening – a warm welcome to all in attendance!

MINUTES: Minutes accepted as is (Donna W/Ray).

TREASURER REPORT: In Treasurer Julie’s place, Denis provided the treasurer report:  balance in account = $1396.66 (unpaid: receipts totaling $104.06 submitted this evening by Mary VanCott for purchase of eight DVDs for the HSD Library).


SECRETARY: In the absence of a regular secretary (still no takers?), Mary took minutes this evening.

SWEATSHIRTS/T-SHIRTS: We still have some! Let Cliff know if you’d like to buy one.

PICTURES AT MARINA CAFE: Denis is having difficulty getting in touch with owner – will continue to try.

DIVING VIDEO LIBRARY: Mary announced the purchase of eight DVDs that will be the beginning of our new HSD Video Library. The DVDs were passed around and several members took videos home to watch (to be returned at next meeting). Mary offered to maintain the DVD/VHS video library for the club. The collection will be brought to each meeting and may be checked out at any time by club members. Total cost of DVDs $104.06 (thank you for approving that Mary be reimbursed for the entire purchase). There is a possibility of scheduling one or more of these as meeting presentations; however, we may have to do it over two months due to the length of the shows. Donations of DVDs or VHS tapes to the HSD Video Library gratefully accepted.

Final list of DVDs purchased this month  National Geographic – Really Wild Animals; National Geographic – Diver Down; National Geographic – Drain the Ocean; Discovery – Science of the Deep; The World’s Best Dive Destinations; Nature – Superfish; Diver Dan, Volumes 1 & 2; and Dive Travel Presents Costa Rica.

OUTREACH ACTIVITIES: Cliff continues to be successful in getting notices out regarding our HSD meetings.

BANNERS: Both banners located – currently at homes of The Whites and The Queens.

MARINE LIFE PROTECTION ACT: Charlie & Brandi are both still active in the MLPA. There are links in the newsletter and both members may be contacted for more details regarding this important legislation.



Brandi: “Diving for a Cause” in Mexico – to be discussed in detail at future meeting.

Ray: Breakwater over Memorial Day weekend (blown out first day but dove 2nd day with minimal viz).

Charlie: Trinidad ab diving – didn’t see any, went south and perhaps should have gone north.

Denis: Didn’t dive, but thought the Gulf of Alaska looked very flat and inviting.

Frank: Mendocino ab diving – lots of kelp, hard to see but got his abs.

Cliff, Dave & Charlie: Monterey Dive with a wonderful stay at Charlie’s family home in Pebble Beach (thank you again!!) – two dives on first day at Breakwater (first one pretty good, second one rougher and colder) – second day Charlie & Cliff took kayaks out to the cove for one dive at Pt. Lobos – gorgeous clear day. Donna, Mary & Dave did shore patrol, hiked, avoided poison ivy and enjoyed the wildlife.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Cliff opened a discussion about events currently scheduled for the rest of the year, including (but not limited to) a crawfish dive in the Blue Lake section of the Mad River July 2, South Jetty Dive July 30, and the California Coastal Clean-up dive at Whiskeytown on September 17. Also included was an invitation from the Queens to join them for Beer & Brats at the Fortuna Autorama early evening Friday July 22. Event details (except July 2) will be discussed at the July HSD meeting.

July 2 Crawfish Dive:will start with breakfast at Denis & Julie’s house in Blue Lake – 9:30am. If you’re interested in going, please contact Cliff to find out what to bring. Don’t forget your fishing license if you plan to take crawfish home!

PRESENTATION OF HSD PHOTOS: Donna Q said the Arcata Exchange is interested in hosting club member photos (in and out of water) sometime next year (2012).

FISHING REGULATIONS: Brandi said that, effective June 9, 2011, regulations have changed. For more details, please contact her.


MONTEREY VIDEO: Dave White did a compilation of photos taken at Monterey and presented a wonderful video of the dives. How amazing that they got to see schools of fish, clear water and all those jellyfish – incredible!

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.

Respectfully submitted in the absence of a regular club secretary, Mary VanCott

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