February 8, 2011

Humboldt Skindivers Meeting Minutes


Meeting began roundabout 7.

Motion to accept email minutes==> Accepted

Treasurer’s Report: Last month: $1279.63
–>We now have e-banking???

Donna White–> Hasn’t gotten to plaque yet for ab award, will do.

Introduction of new faces: Trevor, Anna, Ben, Chris

Discussion about need for more advertising presence: newspapers, flyers, lake cleanups, etc

Ben suggested HSU diving program: He will contact Dive Club President, HSD will contact Rich Alverez

Brandi took floor: Dive Club Name Change?
–> Should change for advertising and keep as club’s name
–> Motion to keep name: passed

Brandi introduced the nights speaker and asked for input for folks ideas about future speakers

Update of future Monterrey Dive via Charlie
–> No new news

Ab Grab
–> Tentatively scheduled for the 16th and 17th of April: Stay Tuned

Craw-Dad Grab?
–> June or July

Discussion of Fishing Licenses
–> MUST submit all report cards to DFG or DFG will suspend your ability for a new license the next year
–> Can take directly to DFG in Eureka at end of year
–> Abalone Cards: Joann’s fabrics in Eureka has a tool there that can be used for perforating your license

Update of MLPA activities
–> Meeting coming up that will be streamed online, Brandi will be posting new info as it becomes available
–> Reef Check training in Ft. Bragg –> Stay Tuned

Asked for Old Business/Anything Interesting

Introduced Guest Speaker: Casey Allen with Humboldt Area Saltwater Anglers
Topic for Tonight: Artificial Reef introduction around Humboldt Bay
–> Shooting for around Lamphere Dunes Area
–> Trying to not place it within potential MLPA areas
–> Estimated cost to produce at grassroots level: $700-1200/ea
–> If interested Google Humboldt Tuna Club

That’s it folks, see you next month!!

Ben Hart

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