April 12, 2011

Humboldt Skindivers Meeting Minutes


April 12, 2011 – Minutes   (Chan’s, Arcata)


ATTENDEES:  Ron, Donna, Dave, Donna, Denis, Julie, Frank, Sarah, Jackie, Sam, Kirby, Mary & Cliff.


Meeting was called to order by President Cliff at 7:00pm.


WELCOME: By Cliff.


NEWCOMERS: Cliff welcomed Kirby Morejohn and Sam Parker, presenters for the evening.


MINUTES: Minutes accepted as is (DW/DQ).


TREASURER REPORT: Only 2 hours off the plane from San Francisco, their stopover on the long journey back from China, Treasurer Julie and husband Denis were present for the meeting! Balance in account = $1351.66




SECRETARY: In the absence of a regular secretary (still no takers?), Mary took minutes this evening.


MONTEREY DIVE: The club will be diving Monterey on May 21, 2011. Charlie has offered his family’s beautiful home for lodging. Reservations necessary for diving –  Charlie needs to know how many are planning to stay in his home.  If you’re interested in details, contact President Cliff.


PICTURES AT MARINA CAFE: Denis tried to email contact from China but email blocked. Will try again now that he’s back from their trip.


DIVING VIDEO LIBRARY: Mary presented a list of dive-related DVDs and VHS movies and passed it around so people could mark the ones they’re interested in. At the May meeting we’ll vote on the purchase of these inexpensive movies to purchase for the dive club library and use as presentations. [Note: movies identified as possible purchases are National Geographic – Really Wild Animals: Deep Sea Dive, Diver Dan – Volumes 1 & 2, National Geographic – Shipwrecks: Ocean Life Underwater, Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die, and Dive: South Florida & The Florida Keys. Approximate cost to purchase this set = ~$65.] To be discussed at May meeting.


OUTREACH ACTIVITIES: Cliff was successful this month in getting our meeting announcement into the North Coast Journal and the Times-Standard. In addition, an announcement for the meeting was heard on KHSU.




IDEAS FOR UPCOMING EVENTS: Humboldt State University will host Encounters in the Open Sea: an Evening with Emmy-Award Winning cinematographer and marine biologist Rick Rosenthal on Tuesday, April 19, at the Van Duzer Auditorium. Though the event is free, tickets are required. Call Cliff if you’d like to attend – or call the HSU Bookstore Ticket Office to inquire about getting tickets. The clippings he’ll show will last about one hour, followed by
Q & A.

NEW JACKETS: Cliff modeled his BLM jacket, offering its style as an option for purchase by dive club members. It’s very water-resistant and warm with room for a club logo. A nice addition to our hats and sweatshirts!




KIRBY MOREJOHN VIDEOS: Kirby Morejohn is a Marine Biology major from HSU and Sam Parker an HSU Fisheries major.  They presented two videos shot in 2010: one on lobster catching off the southern California coast and the other one spearfishing between Camel Rock and Patrick’s Point. Kirby and Sam brought their camera equipment and housing (Hero dedicated video, Canon Powershot and Canon G10). You can see Kirby’s videos by searching “miodios” on youtube.com  [http://www.youtube.com/user/miodios?blend=7&ob=5].   Thank you so much, Kirby and Sam, for sharing your amazing videos with us – it’s great to know there are actually times of decent visibility at Patrick’s Point!


The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.



Respectfully submitted in the absence of a regular club secretary,

Mary VanCott

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