Mad River Crawdad Dive

The July 2nd Crawdad Dive in sunny Blue Lake started at the Potters’ house with a delicious blueberry pancake breakfast. A total of 13 people (6 divers) showed up at the Mad River for the Humboldt County version of a “bug” dive.  The visibility was 10-15’ and there was a moderate current running, with 14 crawdads brought to shore for measuring.  Jim Davis was the winner with a monster 4 ½” crawdad.  Ron Queen’s best was 3 3/8” with Cliff VanCott bringing in the most with 6 and a best of 3 ¼”.  Steve Sipma managed to bring in a claw.  As we didn’t catch enough to even make a snack, all of the crawdads were released back into the river.  (Photos by: Dave White Carol Davis and Mary VanCott)

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