Coastal Cleanup Dive At Whiskeytown Lake September 25th And 26th

Coastal Cleanup Dive at Whiskeytown Lake

September 25th and 26th

Whiskeytown Cleanup

Whiskeytown Cleanup








A report from Cliff:

Whiskeytown was a lot of fun.  Friday we hiked up to Whiskeytown Falls and ate a couple of racks of Cliffy ribs at Ron and Donna’s estate.  Saturday was the dive at the Marina.  We got bags-o-trash and some interesting ‘stuff’.  Of course, when you talk with Ron you’ll hear some got sick… but then you know how choppy and rough those protected coves can get when it’s clear, sunny calm and 85 degrees on a fantastic late summer evening!  Brandon and I made a second dive at the “Curtain” (the cool water separator at the east end of the reservoir) and it was a GREAT dive.  Easy access, 40 foot vis, lots of fish, and the curtain as a unique point of interest.  We found a sunken boat, followed the old 299 highway past old road signs until it disappeared below the rocks for the new road and fed some HUGE bass some of the crawdads we picked from under the rocks.  I highly recommend the dive and would gladly take a group over there for another dive.  (Perhaps next year as part of the cleanup again?)  We ended the day with a BBQ on Saturday night with all in attendance, and had the extra attraction of viewing Jupiter and her four moons thru Ron’s spotting scope.  Really a once in a life thing.

Anyway, it was one of those events that actually worked out well and all had fun.  Brandon brought his wife and family, the Queens hosted it all at their palatial 5th wheel (Mary and I are now looking in earnest!) and a lot of fun was had by all.  (… and I may NEVER sleep on an air mattress in a tent on a sloped hill ever again!)

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