May, 2011

Hello fellow DIVERS!

We enjoyed a wonderful showing of Kirby’s videos at our last meeting, wonderful shots of Humboldt waters with VIS.  I’ve heard it happens here, and it was great to see someone actually got to enjoy these northern waters while seeing where you go.  Many thanks, Kirby.

It’s beginning to look like spring here in Humboldt, clouds are gone and the sun is out and shining.  On days like this you just gotta love living up here!

Now to diving… don’t forget the dive trip to Point Lobos on the 21st.  I just checked and there is still space to get your reservation in.  If you are planning on making this dive, remember to get your reservation in NOW.  It’s almost a certain thing there will be no way to dive if you “just show up”!  Charlie Notthoff is making his home in Pebble Beach available to divers also… MANY thanks to him for this!

We will discuss the Point Lobos dive trip in detail at the next meeting… and many other interesting dive-related (and perhaps not so dive-related!) subjects at CHAN’S Restaurant in Arcata at 7 pm on Tuesday the 10th.  All who are interested are welcome, and I hope to see you there!

Your trusted servant …Cliff

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