March, 2011

Hello fellow divers!

I’d like to start by thanking Brandi for carrying the meeting after we left last month, I hear it was a good presentation and I’m sorry we missed it.  Also, thanks to Ben for note-taking!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at our next gathering.  Let’s come with our calendars and prepare to fill in some dates for a variety of this year’s activities.  There are crawdads to harass, fresh-water rivers to explore, trash to retrieve from the bottom of Whiskeytown and abalone to feast on… and that’s just the stuff that comes quickly to my one, single mind.  By putting all our heads together, we will be able to come up with plenty of fun things to do together this year!  Bring your club activity ideas and let’s talk about them!

See you all next week.  Remember… Chan’s, 7 pm (come early and eat if you like… many of us do!) on Tuesday, March 8th.

Bring a friend and remember… “Pain shared is cut in half, joy shared is doubled!”


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