February, 2011

Hello fellow divers!

I am grateful to the Humboldt Skindivers for your confidence and support in electing me as your club President for 2011.  I will do all I can to serve you well!

I’d really like to again thank Ron Queen (President), Julie Potter (Treasurer) and Dave White (Newsletter Publisher) for the help and support they provided in 2010.

This year, our appreciation also goes to Brandi Easter (Vice president), Julie Potter (Treasurer) and Dave White (Newsletter Publisher) for accepting (returning to!) their respective positions.  Our club could not function smoothly without the efforts of these trusted servants!

Speaking of service, we continue to have an opening in the position of Secretary.  If anyone is interested in taking notes for the meetings, please let us know.  We NEED this position filled and it’s a great way to feel more a part of the club!

Those who attended this year’s Annual Elections had a wonderful time at Mary and my home sharing fellowship and tall tales while making ribs and other munchies disappear.  If you missed it, we’re sorry… lots of fun was had by all!

Now its time to greet the new year with new ideas.  Please bring your thoughts regarding public outreach, to raise community awareness of us and build up our numbers.  Hopefully this will be a year of growth!  Also bring program ideas that interest you… and activity ideas you think might interest others.  Our club will do more if we have more ideas!

For the upcoming meeting on April 8th (next Tuesday), many thanks to Brandi who has invited Casey Allen to be our guest speaker.  Casey will share about the artificial reef project outside Humboldt Bay.

Be sure to join us at Chan’s restaurant in Arcata on Tuesday the 8th at 7pm.  We’ll be looking forward to seeing you there…

… and have a great day!  Cliff

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