August, 2011

Well, to start off with, let me once again say how sad I am that the weather and seas are not always our friends.   As the seas come up, the safety goes down and this was a wise move to call off the South Spit dive.   It seems that the dive at South Spit simply was not meant to be.  At least not yet… but we’ll keep it in mind!

Also, a hearty “Thank You” to Dave White for keeping track of the weather and keeping people posted.

Did anyone else see the whale under the bridge at Klamath?  I SO wanted to jump in the water and swim with her… but there are SO many things wrong with that idea!  For those who are interested (and have not been able to see her yourselves) we will have a few short video clips to show at the meeting.

In August we plan on diving in Trinidad Harbor, which is quite a bit more protected and forgiving than the South Spit.   It is also where the Trinidad Pier is… and that has some construction work starting up soon.  We will be discussing the impact of the pier construction on our dive plans, and other potential sites at the meeting coming up next week at Chan’s in Arcata.  I hope to see you there.  The meeting is at 7 pm, and anyone is welcome to come… see you all there on Tuesday the 9th.


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