Marine Life Protection Act – Meetings

Marine Life Protection Act

From Brandi:

Please read through the THREE messages below – and note the following:

1. The BRTF is having an additional meeting on December 9th at 10:00 am.

2. To help people understand the reasoning behind the additional BRTF meeting, MLPAI staff are holding office hours Nov. 30th and Dec. 2nd

3. The SAT meeting planned for December 6th is now postponed until January 2010.

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California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative Announcement

Who: MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force

What: Ninth meeting (draft agenda and two briefing documents attached)

When: Thursday, December 9 at 10:00 a.m.

Where: Via teleconference and webinar (details in the attached draft agenda)

and on the day of the meeting for viewing or listening only via

simultaneous webcast at

Note that there will be three public access locations for the public to join staff, and potentially NCRSG and BRTF members, to view the meeting and participate in public comment:

Flynn Center

981 H Street

Crescent City, CA  95531

Red Lion Hotel

1929 Fourth Street

Eureka, CA  95501

C.V. Starr Community Center

300 South Lincoln Street

Fort Bragg, CA  95437

DFG announcement posted 11-18-2010

MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force Recommendations for the North Coast Study Region

At its meeting on October 25-26, 2010, the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Blue Ribbon Task Force (BRTF) adopted seven motions with recommendations related to marine protected areas (MPAs) and special closures in the MLPA North Coast Study Region.

* News release: Task Force Approves Recommendations to Complete California’s Open Coast Marine Protected Areas

The BRTF recommendations are specific to the work of the California Fish and Game Commission, California Department of Fish and Game, and California Department of Parks and Recreation, or more generally to the State of California. An attachment to the document summarizes the actions resulting from the motions adopted by the BRTF, including which proposed MPAs or special closures are affected, the source of their design, and any modifications to the design.

* Motions Adopted by the MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force on October 26, 2010 Regarding Recommendations for the MLPA North Coast Study Region (November 16, 2010)

As a result of these recommendations, two MPA proposals and a special closures recommendation are being forwarded to the California Fish and Game Commission for consideration:

* The “Revised Round 3 NCRSG MPA Proposal”, which is the MPA proposal developed by the MLPA North Coast Regional Stakeholder Group (NCRSG), revised to incorporate the recommendation by the NCRSG to rename the Ten Mile MPAs after Skip Wollenberg and the staff recommended updates to the recreational take intended to accommodate tribal uses.
* The “North Coast Enhanced Compliance Alternative MPA Proposal”, which builds off the Revised Round 3 NCRSG MPA Proposal, and includes modifications to improve compliance with science guidelines and California Department of Fish and Game feasibility criteria.
* The “North Coast Special Closures Recommendation”, which was developed by the NCRSG and supported by the BRTF.

The BRTF recommendations come after extensive science evaluation, and stakeholder and public input over 16 months. The MLPA North Coast Study Region extends from the California/Oregon border to Alder Creek near Point Arena in Mendocino County.

The MPA proposals and special closures will be analyzed by the MLPA Master Plan Science Advisory Team (SAT), California Department of Fish and Game (DFG), California Department of Parks and Recreation (California State Parks), and MLPA Initiative staff. The proposals, special closures and associated evaluations will be transmitted to the California Fish and Game Commission.

For more information about the MLPA Initiative, please visit

Maps photos and descriptions of the MPAs and Special Closures are available at:

See map below.

Marine Life Protection Act

Marine Life Protection Act Map (Click To View Larger Image)

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