Marine Life Protection Act – Map And Info

Marine Life Protection Act

From Brandi:

The North Coast UNIFIED proposal (Round 3 NCRSG MPA proposal) and Round 3 NCRSG Special Closures Recommendations are now available to view on Marine Map. (see map below). OR

I and all of the North Coast Stakeholders need your help.  Time is of the essence.  Please join others and support the North Coast Unified Proposal with your written comments (see below).  It can be as simple as

“Ms. Cindy Gustafson, Chair
MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force
Marine Life Protection Act Initiative
c/o California Resources Agency
1416 Ninth Street, Suite 1311 Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Chair Gustafson,

I strongly urge the Blue Ribbon Task Force to accept the NCRSG unified proposal without changes. Any alterations to the proposal could undermine community support and the significant efforts made to reach consensus and compromise by the NCRSG.

Thank you,
City, State”

Please feel free to elaborate your thoughts too. However you choose to write your letter of support, I encourage you to use your own words.

Thank you in advance!!
Safe diving, Brandi

Written comments are encouraged to be submitted by October 18, 2010 so that BRTF members can receive and review them prior to the October 25-26 meeting. Written comments received between October 19 and 21 will be provided to the BRTF at the October meeting; after October 21, written comments must be submitted at the BRTF meeting in Fortuna. Written comments can be submitted via:

Online:    (through October 18 only)
Mail:                 Marine Life Protection Act Initiative

c/o California Natural Resources Agency
1416 Ninth Street, Suite 1311
Sacramento, CA 95814

Fax:                 916.653.8102, Attn: MLPA Initiative

For those who have been appointed stakeholders in this process, you know first hand this is NOT an easy task!  I don’t think anyone could have forewarned me the magnitude of how political and time consumptive this process is. You get to a point where you don’t know where the politics stop and the truth begins. You are inundated with mounds of written and verbal information, emails, meetings, sub-meetings, homework groups, public outreach, phone conferences, webinars, etc. It is a blend of new friendships, old friendships being strengthened, old friendships being tested, your diving activity being compromised, personal and professional lives being compromised, all while embracing the most complex balancing act of politics, socio-economic impacts and the MLPA-Initiative. Even with all of the NCRSG coming to agreement with one unified proposal recommendation, it is still an unknown what the BRTF will recommend to the DFG Commission come January 2011.

The NCRSG will join the Blue Ribbon Task Force (BRTF) meeting October 27-29 in Fortuna to present our proposal. I encourage all to watch via webcast or attend.

I very much appreciate everyone’s support and input through out this process.  Without all of you, I don’t think I could have done it alone. THANK YOU!

Safe diving everyone,


Marine Life Protection Act

Marine Life Protection Act Map (Click To View Larger Image)

For additional information from CDF&G go to:

For a description of the MPAs, go to:

For a description of the special closures go to:

What did you think of the MLPA process on the North Coast ?

An important survey is being conducted to measure your opinions of the process used to implement the Marine Life Protection Act in the North Coast Region.

The survey is done by academic researchers from the Social and Environmental Research Institute in Massachusetts and Temple University in Philadelphia .  It is paid for by a research grant from the National Science Foundation.  The survey is confidential and voluntary.

Go to to learn more. At that site you can take the survey on-line or find out how to get a paper copy.

Make sure your voice is heard!

Other web sites:

Social and Environmental Research Institute

SERI Project webpage

The two lead researchers are Tom Webler and Tom Jacobson.

Tom Webler at SERI

Tom Jacobson at Temple University

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