Humboldt Skindivers 2010 Schedule

Below is the Humboldt Skindivers 2010 Event Calendar.
The first event, the Ab Dive at Van Damme takes place before the next meeting. The current plan is to have the “club” dive in the afternoon, so that those that chose to drive down Saturday can get there in time. If you are planning on going, let me know so we can get a head count.  There is some interest in carpooling, so indicate if you need or can offer a ride. The weather go/no go decision will be made on Thursday.  The rain date is April 24th.

  • April 10    Ab Dive – Ft. Bragg area (Rescheduled to April 24, 2010 due to bad weather)
  • April 13    Meeting    Chan’s – Photo Contest
  • April 24    Ab Dive – Fort Bragg Area
  • May 11     Meeting    Chan’s – Cozumel Show
  • May 22    Trinidad Dive / Beach BBQ
  • June 8     Meeting    Chan’s – La Paz Video
  • June 13    Brunch at Potter’s / Crawdad Dive – Mad River Bridge, Blue Lake
  • July 13     Meeting    Chan’s – ROV Presentation
  • July 17 or 18    Slant Bridge or Early Hole / Crescent City Harbor
  • August 10    Meeting    Chan’s – Dive Medicine
  • August 21    South Jetty Dive 10 a.m.  / BBQ at White’s (rain date of  April 22)
  • September 14    Meeting    Chan’s
  • September 25/26    Clean up dive at Whiskeytown Lake
  • October 9/10    Russian Gulch Tank Dive
  • October 12    Meeting    Chan’s
  • November 9    Meeting    Chan’s

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