Crawdad Dive July 2 Blue Lake

July 2 Crawfish Dive: will start with breakfast at Denis & Julie’s house in Blue Lake – 9:30am. If you’re interested in going, please contact Cliff VanCott to find out what to bring. Don’t forget your fishing license if you plan to take crawfish home!  The dive site will be at Hatchery Rd and the Mad River, under the bridge, probably around 11 or 11:30.

January 2011 Meeting

Saturday, January 8th, 5:00 p.m.

Van Cott’s,  1771 Rae Ct.


Gear Swap

Gear Swap:
There will be a big gear swap event at the Far North Climbing Gym (10th and K, Arcata) on Dec 10-11 from 5pm-10pm.  Entrance to the event is free with a beverage purchase from the Ski Lounge inside the gym.  This gear swap is for the purchase, sale and exchange of any kind of outdoor gear and clothing.  There will be booths from vendors like Adventures Edge there.
If you want to sell gear, it costs $5 to set up your own selling space, or you can sell on consignment for a 20% commission.  Contact me for more details.  I am running the consignment sales.



Point Lobos Spring Diving

Humboldt Skindivers,

It’s time to dive Monterey again. At November meeting, I threw out the idea of a Monterey dive in Spring. Most members liked the idea of shore or kayak diving Pt Lobos or other sites. Boat dives can be arranged individually.

If you’re interested, send me an email with spring dates that won’t work for you. I’d like to pick a long weekend, so we can dive during a less-crowded Monday or Friday.

Once I have a good date, I’ll set aside that time for my family’s house. All are welcome to stay there, as long as you don’t mind couch surfing or a warm piece of floor.

Reservations are recommended for diving Pt. Lobos. Lobos ramp was just resurfaced to reduce slips.

Point Lobos Ramp

Point Lobos Ramp

Russian Gulch Tank Dive – October 9 & 10

Russian Gulch Dive

This coming weekend will be the Russian Gulch tank dive.  Some people are planning on a day trip on Saturday while others are going to make a weekend of it.  There is also talk of an abalone dive.  Contact Cliff VanCott ( ) if you are planning on going or need more information.

Coastal Clean Up At Whiskeytown Lake

Coastal Clean up Dive at Whiskeytown Lake

September 25th and 26th

At the meeting on Sept. 14th we will make final arrangements for the Coastal Clean-up dive at Whiskeytown Lake. Brandon Van Dine is coordinating the dive and provided the following:

I have talked to Bill Watkins who is in charge of the Whiskeytown Lake cleanup. I told him that we would be camping at the Oak Bottom Campground. I talked to him about how it would be nice for us to dive in an area that would have easy access and have a better chance of trash underwater. Bill said that the best thing for us to do would be to dive at Oak Bottom.

This is my understanding of how he would want to work things:

On Saturday morning we would get together and get a list of people that will be diving to collect trash.

One of us would need to drive over to Dry Creek with the list and sign everyone in.

In the meantime a couple of other people would coordinate with the Zone Manager for Oak Bottom and get trash bags and stuff.

We will do our dives however we want and make sure the trash gets back to the Zone Manager.

The Zone Manager will get the trash back over to Dry Creek where they will weigh it and dispose of it.

In the afternoon of the cleanup there will be a free BBQ and there will be prizes. I’m not sure what the prizes are for, but I’m assuming the most trash, or most interesting trash, or something like that. I’m not sure if everyone will want to drive over to Dry Creek or just hang out at the campground for a BBQ there, but it is an option anyways.

The diving around Oak Bottom should be pretty easy and really nice. There is the marina where boats and launched where there is probably a lot of trash. There is also a big swim area where I’m sure there is also a lot if trash. If we can get those areas, there are also a lot of campsites right on the water where I’m sure there is all sorts of stuff as well. There is also an anchorage where I’d imagine there is plenty of stuff to get. Basically I’m sure we’ll have no troubles finding trash to bring up.


As for camping, I stopped by Oak Bottom yesterday. First, there are a ton of sites available since things really slow down in September. Even though there are a lot of sites available, I think it is a good idea to get some sites reserved sooner rather than later.

The camping rates are $16.00 per night for regular sites and $18.00 per night for sites on the water. I have attached a map of the campground. I walked through there yesterday when I stopped by. I really like the “C” campsites. The access is easy and a lot of them are pretty near the water. They are also close to the bathrooms which is important to some people like my wife.

You have to walk to almost all the campsites in the park. There are parking areas, but I don’t know if any of the actual campgrounds have parking right at them. The walks to most sites are really easy and I doubt anyone will have any problems.

I’d like to reserve a few spots in the “C” section and if anyone has any problems getting to a site I’m sure we can move them to another site. This is especially true since I don’t think the park will be very busy while we are there.

One downside about Oak Bottom is that there is no real RV camping. If a person has a RV or trailer they have to camp in the parking lot. I guess this is ok, but it is kind of lame. Even though I have a tent trailer I think we are going to just bring a tent so that we can actually be in  real campsite.

Dive Stuff

I don’t know where or how anybody will get their gear, but there is a great dive shop called Howell’s right in Redding. I think tank rental is like $5.00 per tank and the gear rental is pretty affordable as well. They have nice gear for rent and I really recommend them. I know a lot of you guys have your own gear, but I’ll be renting mine from Howell’s.


I’m not sure what everyone wants to do for food. It worked out pretty good last year having the Tri-Tip after the dive. You did a great job cooking it up. My wife will be at Whiskeytown this year and she is more than willing to help. I don’t know if everyone will just bring stuff from the coast or what, but there are a couple of Safeways, a Winco, Foodmax, and other grocery stores in Redding. There is also a great butcher shop called R & R meats that is very good price and their meat is great.


So the diving and camping are going to be pretty easy. The garbage bags will be supplied and collected from us so all we have to do is dive down and collect what we can.

We need to figure out a few things though:

Approximately, how many people will there be?

About how many divers will there be?

How many days are we going to reserve the campsites for?

How many campsites do we want to reserve? What type of sites do we want to reserve? I think the girl in the office said, to reserve the site the first night has to be paid for upfront. So we have to come up with $16 or $18 per site to reserve them.

Who is paying for the sites? I’m happy to pay for my own, but I don’t have the cash to reserve 20 sites if that is what we need for the whole club.

What do we want to do for food? Last year was great. I like the idea of everyone taking care of themselves on Friday and then having a group feed on Saturday. It would be really great if everyone could bring something for Saturday.


(530) 739-9864