August 9, 2011

August 9, 2011 – Minutes   (Chan’s, Arcata)
ATTENDEES:  Ron, Donna, Dave, Donna, Denis, Julie, Frank, Mary & Cliff.

Meeting was called to order by President Cliff at 7:10pm.

WELCOME: By Cliff.

NEWCOMERS: No newcomers this evening – a warm welcome to all in attendance!

MINUTES: Minutes accepted (A-Ron/S-Mary) – with two additions:  Mary’s name as HSD Secretary and the scallop measurement.

TREASURER REPORT: Treasurer Julie reported:  balance in account = $1292.40 (unpaid: receipts totaling $70.17 submitted this evening by Denis Potter for purchase of frames to be used at Café Marina).


SWEATSHIRTS/T-SHIRTS: We still have some! T-shirts $12, sweatshirts $28. Let Cliff know if you’d like to buy one.

HSD SECRETARY: Mary VanCott has officially stepped up to be HSD Secretary for the remainder of the year.

PICTURES AT MARINA CAFE: Thanks to Denis, the club has three frames (2 5×7, 1 8×10) for the purpose of hanging pictures at Marina Café. Denis will work around the older pictures that are hanging there. Subject of photos: North Coast Photography (Monterey and up) – Dive related above/below water. President Cliff will send out an email inviting photo submissions – bring them to the September meeting and the club will vote. If you submit them digitally, Dave will send them in the next newsletter so you can vote (but please come to the meeting, too!).

DIVING VIDEO LIBRARY: Thank you to those who returned the DVDs they watched. We checked out more during this meeting. Please watch these and let Mary know if you liked them or not – we’ll record these comments on our check out list.

Final list of DVDs purchased this month  National Geographic – Really Wild Animals; National Geographic – Diver Down; National Geographic – Drain the Ocean; Discovery – Science of the Deep; The World’s Best Dive Destinations; Nature – Superfish; Diver Dan, Volumes 1 & 2; and Dive Travel Presents Costa Rica.

FORTUNA AUTORAMA: Thank you to Ron & Donna Queen for sponsoring the deliciously wonderful Brat BBQ at the Fortuna Autorama. Great fun, a wonderful turnout and even an interesting car or two.

SOUTH SPIT DIVE: Thank you, Dave for monitoring weather and conditions for the South Spit dive. It had to be cancelled due to safety and weather conditions. Will be rescheduled.


TRINIDAD DIVE & PICNIC: August 28. Details will come out by email from Dave. Deconstruction has started on dock which will likely affect dive entry but there’s plenty of spots.

COASTAL CLEANUP DIVE & POTLUCK: September 17 at Whiskeytown. Join us for the Coastal Cleanup and campout at Whiskeytown. Details to be distributed by email from Dave.

ARCATA EXCHANGE: Donna Q said she received a call from Arcata Exchange on the Plaza – they’re interested in having us hang pictures there again. Donna will check to see if December is available with November as a back-up.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary VanCott, HSD Secretary

July 12, 2011

The July 12th 2011 meeting was called to order by President Cliff Van Cott at Chan’s Restaurant with 13 members present.

It was moved by Denis and seconded by Julie to approve the minutes for the June meeting as Emailed.

The treasurer, Julie Potter, reported a balance of $1292.40. No bills were submitted.

New members; James and Ray and a new visitor Cameron Pascual were welcomed.

Old Business:

Mary Van Cott was voted in as the club secretary. Thank you Mary!

T-shirts @ 12$ and Sweatshirts @ $28 are for sale.

The Club has purchased DVD’s for members to check out. See Mary.

Brandy reported on the current status of the Marine Protection Act.

Denis reported that the owner of Café Marina is willing to let us display photographs in the lobby of the café. There was discussion of size and methods to display them. It was moved by Donna W. and seconded by Ron that Denis could buy the needed number of frames for the display.

Mary shared Happy Birthday Cake for Cliff with the Club. All joined in with the appropriate song.

New Business:

Cliff reported that the Smith River fish count will be held July 29-31. They want free divers and snorkelers only. See Cliff for more information.

Brandy submitted proof of her World Record Calif. Sheeps Head for a 2011 club game record.

Weight 30.22lbs, length 33 5/8”

She also submitted a scallop shell which was measured by Denis @ 7.390”. Well done Brandi!

A big thank you to the Potter’s for hosting the Blueberry Pancake breakfast before the Blue Lake Crawdad Dive. A fun time was had by all. Jim Davis taking the crawdad record of 4.5”.

Future Events:

July 22nd will be the annual brats/potluck and Cruise Night at Queen Realty in Fortuna.

The south Jetty Dive will be held Sunday, July 31 at 12:30. All members should be at the South Jetty by 11:30 for site evaluation. Everyone will bring their own brown bag lunch. Dave will send out an Email after checking the conditions on Friday.

A Trinidad beach dive is planned for Sunday Aug.28th. Brandi will let us know about the dock renovation. We will plan this dive at the August meeting.

September 17th will be the coastal cleanup dive and campout at Whiskeytown Lake.

It was suggested that a future program might include showing one of our new DVD’s

Brandi will also be sharing her recent dive with us soon.

Cameron is working as the new hyperbaric chamber operator at Mad River Hospital. He is planning to become a diver soon.

The meeting was adjourned by Pres. Cliff.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna White
Recording Secretary Pro Tem

June 14, 2011

June 14, 2011 – Minutes   (Chan’s, Arcata)

ATTENDEES:  Ron, Donna, Dave, Donna, Denis, Frank, Ray, Charlie, Jackie, Brandi, Mary & Cliff.

Meeting was called to order by President Cliff at 7:00pm.

WELCOME: By Cliff.

NEWCOMERS: No newcomers this evening – a warm welcome to all in attendance!

MINUTES: Minutes accepted as is (Donna W/Ray).

TREASURER REPORT: In Treasurer Julie’s place, Denis provided the treasurer report:  balance in account = $1396.66 (unpaid: receipts totaling $104.06 submitted this evening by Mary VanCott for purchase of eight DVDs for the HSD Library).


SECRETARY: In the absence of a regular secretary (still no takers?), Mary took minutes this evening.

SWEATSHIRTS/T-SHIRTS: We still have some! Let Cliff know if you’d like to buy one.

PICTURES AT MARINA CAFE: Denis is having difficulty getting in touch with owner – will continue to try.

DIVING VIDEO LIBRARY: Mary announced the purchase of eight DVDs that will be the beginning of our new HSD Video Library. The DVDs were passed around and several members took videos home to watch (to be returned at next meeting). Mary offered to maintain the DVD/VHS video library for the club. The collection will be brought to each meeting and may be checked out at any time by club members. Total cost of DVDs $104.06 (thank you for approving that Mary be reimbursed for the entire purchase). There is a possibility of scheduling one or more of these as meeting presentations; however, we may have to do it over two months due to the length of the shows. Donations of DVDs or VHS tapes to the HSD Video Library gratefully accepted.

Final list of DVDs purchased this month  National Geographic – Really Wild Animals; National Geographic – Diver Down; National Geographic – Drain the Ocean; Discovery – Science of the Deep; The World’s Best Dive Destinations; Nature – Superfish; Diver Dan, Volumes 1 & 2; and Dive Travel Presents Costa Rica.

OUTREACH ACTIVITIES: Cliff continues to be successful in getting notices out regarding our HSD meetings.

BANNERS: Both banners located – currently at homes of The Whites and The Queens.

MARINE LIFE PROTECTION ACT: Charlie & Brandi are both still active in the MLPA. There are links in the newsletter and both members may be contacted for more details regarding this important legislation.



Brandi: “Diving for a Cause” in Mexico – to be discussed in detail at future meeting.

Ray: Breakwater over Memorial Day weekend (blown out first day but dove 2nd day with minimal viz).

Charlie: Trinidad ab diving – didn’t see any, went south and perhaps should have gone north.

Denis: Didn’t dive, but thought the Gulf of Alaska looked very flat and inviting.

Frank: Mendocino ab diving – lots of kelp, hard to see but got his abs.

Cliff, Dave & Charlie: Monterey Dive with a wonderful stay at Charlie’s family home in Pebble Beach (thank you again!!) – two dives on first day at Breakwater (first one pretty good, second one rougher and colder) – second day Charlie & Cliff took kayaks out to the cove for one dive at Pt. Lobos – gorgeous clear day. Donna, Mary & Dave did shore patrol, hiked, avoided poison ivy and enjoyed the wildlife.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Cliff opened a discussion about events currently scheduled for the rest of the year, including (but not limited to) a crawfish dive in the Blue Lake section of the Mad River July 2, South Jetty Dive July 30, and the California Coastal Clean-up dive at Whiskeytown on September 17. Also included was an invitation from the Queens to join them for Beer & Brats at the Fortuna Autorama early evening Friday July 22. Event details (except July 2) will be discussed at the July HSD meeting.

July 2 Crawfish Dive:will start with breakfast at Denis & Julie’s house in Blue Lake – 9:30am. If you’re interested in going, please contact Cliff to find out what to bring. Don’t forget your fishing license if you plan to take crawfish home!

PRESENTATION OF HSD PHOTOS: Donna Q said the Arcata Exchange is interested in hosting club member photos (in and out of water) sometime next year (2012).

FISHING REGULATIONS: Brandi said that, effective June 9, 2011, regulations have changed. For more details, please contact her.


MONTEREY VIDEO: Dave White did a compilation of photos taken at Monterey and presented a wonderful video of the dives. How amazing that they got to see schools of fish, clear water and all those jellyfish – incredible!

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.

Respectfully submitted in the absence of a regular club secretary, Mary VanCott

May 10, 2011

Humboldt Skindivers Meeting Minutes


May 10, 2011

Chan’s Restaurant


President Cliff called the meeting to order.  Because he had not yet finished his dinner due to a severe case of hot Wasabi overload, Donna started the meeting.  Cliff took over after he had finished his dinner and cooled down a bit.


Introductions: two guests were present.  Both joined the club. Welcome to James Brown and Ray Jones.


Approval of April minutes; M/Charlie, S/ Cliff, to approve.  Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  $1366.66 in the checking account.  Cliff brought HSD shirts and sweatshirts for sale. If you would like one, contact him.  Shirts are $12 and Hooded, full zip Sweat Shirts are $28.


Old Business:

Election of Secretary:  No volunteers.  The meeting note taking will continue on a “who’s there” basis.


Cliff reported that Rick Rosenthal’s  “Open Ocean” presentation at HSU was enjoyed by the 8+ members that attended.  It was personal look at some of the videos he has taken over the years.


Denis reported he is still working on getting wall space for U/W photos at Café Marina.  He will report back at a later meeting.


Monterey Dive is planned for May 21 and 22.  We will be diving Pt. Lobos on May 21 and reservations through State Parks are required. They should be made ASAP because there are only 15 spaces and they fill on weekends.  We may also make dives Friday and Sunday, with the locations depending on conditions. Charlie has made space in his house at Pebble Beach available for club members that are attending.


Mary has put together a list of Underwater related DVDs for possible club purchase to add to our video library. She estimated that it would cost around $65 to purchase.  M/ Dave, S/ Julie to allow her up to $100 to purchase DVDs.  Motion passed.


New Business:


Discussion on rescheduling the Ab grab.  Several dates in June were mentioned.   It was decided to bring it up at the June meeting.  There was also discussion on the Mad Rive Crawdad Dive in June or July, possibly with pizza lunch afterwards.  The river has started clearing up, although more rain is forecast which may muck it up. We will also talk about it next meeting.


Long Beach Dive Show:  Charlie provided two free passes.  President cliff has them if you are interested contact him.  He and Mary went a few years ago and said there were acres of dive related stuff.


Recent Dives:  Frank and Steve went Ab diving at Mendocino headlands He said they had 20’ of vis, conditions were good and Abs were procured.


Charlie reported he did a dive in Trinidad harbor, had 5’ of vis but still found what he was looking for.


Program:  General discussion on diving, and point and shoot cameras and underwater cases.  Many are using the small point and shoots with great results.  Some new models are out that have 14-16 mega pixels, shoot Hi Def video and cost around $250 plus $150 for the case.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Dave White, Acting Secretary

April 12, 2011

Humboldt Skindivers Meeting Minutes


April 12, 2011 – Minutes   (Chan’s, Arcata)


ATTENDEES:  Ron, Donna, Dave, Donna, Denis, Julie, Frank, Sarah, Jackie, Sam, Kirby, Mary & Cliff.


Meeting was called to order by President Cliff at 7:00pm.


WELCOME: By Cliff.


NEWCOMERS: Cliff welcomed Kirby Morejohn and Sam Parker, presenters for the evening.


MINUTES: Minutes accepted as is (DW/DQ).


TREASURER REPORT: Only 2 hours off the plane from San Francisco, their stopover on the long journey back from China, Treasurer Julie and husband Denis were present for the meeting! Balance in account = $1351.66




SECRETARY: In the absence of a regular secretary (still no takers?), Mary took minutes this evening.


MONTEREY DIVE: The club will be diving Monterey on May 21, 2011. Charlie has offered his family’s beautiful home for lodging. Reservations necessary for diving –  Charlie needs to know how many are planning to stay in his home.  If you’re interested in details, contact President Cliff.


PICTURES AT MARINA CAFE: Denis tried to email contact from China but email blocked. Will try again now that he’s back from their trip.


DIVING VIDEO LIBRARY: Mary presented a list of dive-related DVDs and VHS movies and passed it around so people could mark the ones they’re interested in. At the May meeting we’ll vote on the purchase of these inexpensive movies to purchase for the dive club library and use as presentations. [Note: movies identified as possible purchases are National Geographic – Really Wild Animals: Deep Sea Dive, Diver Dan – Volumes 1 & 2, National Geographic – Shipwrecks: Ocean Life Underwater, Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die, and Dive: South Florida & The Florida Keys. Approximate cost to purchase this set = ~$65.] To be discussed at May meeting.


OUTREACH ACTIVITIES: Cliff was successful this month in getting our meeting announcement into the North Coast Journal and the Times-Standard. In addition, an announcement for the meeting was heard on KHSU.




IDEAS FOR UPCOMING EVENTS: Humboldt State University will host Encounters in the Open Sea: an Evening with Emmy-Award Winning cinematographer and marine biologist Rick Rosenthal on Tuesday, April 19, at the Van Duzer Auditorium. Though the event is free, tickets are required. Call Cliff if you’d like to attend – or call the HSU Bookstore Ticket Office to inquire about getting tickets. The clippings he’ll show will last about one hour, followed by
Q & A.

NEW JACKETS: Cliff modeled his BLM jacket, offering its style as an option for purchase by dive club members. It’s very water-resistant and warm with room for a club logo. A nice addition to our hats and sweatshirts!




KIRBY MOREJOHN VIDEOS: Kirby Morejohn is a Marine Biology major from HSU and Sam Parker an HSU Fisheries major.  They presented two videos shot in 2010: one on lobster catching off the southern California coast and the other one spearfishing between Camel Rock and Patrick’s Point. Kirby and Sam brought their camera equipment and housing (Hero dedicated video, Canon Powershot and Canon G10). You can see Kirby’s videos by searching “miodios” on  [].   Thank you so much, Kirby and Sam, for sharing your amazing videos with us – it’s great to know there are actually times of decent visibility at Patrick’s Point!


The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.



Respectfully submitted in the absence of a regular club secretary,

Mary VanCott

March 8, 2011

Humboldt Skindivers Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2011


The meeting was called to order at Chan’s Restaurant by President Cliff Van Cott at 7:05pm with 10 members present.

New visitors were welcomed: David Price, whose wife found us on the internet, and Kirby Morejohn an HSU grad student invited by Brandi.

It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. A discussion ensued to clarify that the club’s name was to remain the same but publicity could include scuba/free dive in the club name. The motion passed.


Treasurers report: No change per Julie.

Donna W volunteered to take minutes. No one was coerced to run for the office of secretary.

Old business: The 2010 award plaque was ordered/picked up by Donna W and mounted by Denis Potter and can be seen on the awards wall at the Marina Café. It was suggested that several pictures could be mounted above the awards plaques. Denis will check with the owner for permission. Dave will look for No. coast pictures.

Cliff has been putting out advertisements for the club meetings and public service spots on the radio. He hasn’t heard or seen one yet.  He will call this week to see what can be done to get them aired.

Monterey Dive: Please call or email Charlie if you plan to go to Monterey for the May 21-22 dive. His email is Point Lobos (Sat dive) reservations need to be made, by each dive pair, as soon as possible after March 21st. Cliff passed out Point Lobos information for those interested. Non-divers may take a photo hike around Pt. Lobos Park.

C cards are required by divers to enter the park. The Sunday dive will be decided by the group.

More at the next meeting.

Ab Grab(April 16-17) No one was going to attend so it was cancelled. A new date was tabled till next meeting.

Dues are still due. $15 per year. Mail to our treasurer Julie.


New Business:

Brandi reported:

Fish and Game will have a meeting about regulation changes on 3/14/11

Terry Moss has designed a Free Diving recovery vest. Talk to Brandi for more info.

Free diving events- 4/2/11 Fort Ross

6/11/11 Manchester- Big Ling/ Big Ab

8/20/11 Ocean Cove- Abalone

No. Coast Dive Shop (under new ownership) Bodega Bay will give 15% discounts in March

Reef Check training upcoming in Fort Bragg

Diving for a Cause (.com) Brandi will be going on their La Pas trip 4/10-17/11 See the website for more trips.

Sources magazine has a picture of Van Dam on the cover taken by Rick Alveres of HSU.

Donna W reported that a sample of the Marine Habitat could be seen outside the Marina Café.

Donna Q reported that millions of sardines had died today in Redondo Beach. Due to lack of oxygen in the calm water.


Ideas for Dives:

May 21-22 Monterey Dive- Charlie will host

July- Dave White will try to put together a South Jetty Dive

July-Frank will be checking on the Crawdads (he volunteered last meeting)

August- Early Hole, Smith River

Sept. 17th– Cliff will organize the Coastal Cleanup dive at Whiskeytown Lake.

November- the Queens are planning a trip to Cozumel. Talk to Donna Q for more information.


Program Ideas:

Brandi will report on her trip to La Pas

Kirby may be able to show some of his underwater videos.

Mary brought up the idea of the club buying some underwater DVD’s to share. She will look into it.

Cliff suggested a talk by someone from NOAA on the wave forecasting tools.


Brandi updated us on the Marine Life Protection Act. They may include a third group, Tribal Fishing with the two existing groups, commercial and recreational fishing.


Cliff reported that T-shirts- $12.00 and Sweatshirts – $25.00 are for sale.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:12


Respectfully submitted,

Donna White

February 8, 2011

Humboldt Skindivers Meeting Minutes


Meeting began roundabout 7.

Motion to accept email minutes==> Accepted

Treasurer’s Report: Last month: $1279.63
–>We now have e-banking???

Donna White–> Hasn’t gotten to plaque yet for ab award, will do.

Introduction of new faces: Trevor, Anna, Ben, Chris

Discussion about need for more advertising presence: newspapers, flyers, lake cleanups, etc

Ben suggested HSU diving program: He will contact Dive Club President, HSD will contact Rich Alverez

Brandi took floor: Dive Club Name Change?
–> Should change for advertising and keep as club’s name
–> Motion to keep name: passed

Brandi introduced the nights speaker and asked for input for folks ideas about future speakers

Update of future Monterrey Dive via Charlie
–> No new news

Ab Grab
–> Tentatively scheduled for the 16th and 17th of April: Stay Tuned

Craw-Dad Grab?
–> June or July

Discussion of Fishing Licenses
–> MUST submit all report cards to DFG or DFG will suspend your ability for a new license the next year
–> Can take directly to DFG in Eureka at end of year
–> Abalone Cards: Joann’s fabrics in Eureka has a tool there that can be used for perforating your license

Update of MLPA activities
–> Meeting coming up that will be streamed online, Brandi will be posting new info as it becomes available
–> Reef Check training in Ft. Bragg –> Stay Tuned

Asked for Old Business/Anything Interesting

Introduced Guest Speaker: Casey Allen with Humboldt Area Saltwater Anglers
Topic for Tonight: Artificial Reef introduction around Humboldt Bay
–> Shooting for around Lamphere Dunes Area
–> Trying to not place it within potential MLPA areas
–> Estimated cost to produce at grassroots level: $700-1200/ea
–> If interested Google Humboldt Tuna Club

That’s it folks, see you next month!!

Ben Hart

January 8, 2011

Humboldt Skindivers Meeting Minutes

Minutes – 2011 Annual Potluck and Election of Officers

1/8/11 at the home of Cliff & Mary VanCott, McKinleyville


ATTENDEES:  Ron, Donna, Clyde, Charlie, Laurie, Dave, Donna, Noreen, Steve, Brandi, Jackie, Denis, Julie, Cliff and Mary.

Meeting was called to order by President Ron at 7:00pm.

WELCOME: By President Ron.

NEWCOMERS: Ron introduced special guest, his dad Clyde, and Brandi introduced diver Jackie. Welcome to both!


MLPA: Sincere thanks to both Brandi and Charlie for all of their efforts in this endeavor. After filling us in on the latest updates, Brandi’s 10.059” abalone shell was presented for the 2010 award. (Actually, this gives Brandi 1st and 2nd in 2010 awards.) Donna W will order the plaque for presentation at the Marina.

2011 ELECTION OF NEW OFFICERS / ANNUAL POTLUCK: For those of you who couldn’t come this year, you missed an amazing array of potluck dishes, including Cliff’s finger-licking BBQ ribs, kindly purchased by the club.

Thank you VERY much to the outgoing officers: President Ron Queen and Secretary Dan Heinen.

Sincere congratulations and best wishes for a wonderful year: President Cliff, V-P Brandi, Treasurer Julie and Newsletter Dave.

[The Secretary slot still needs to be filled – to be discussed at February meeting at Chan’s.]


DUES ARE DUE: President Cliff reminded everyone that it is time to pay dues – cost is still $15/year.

PRO SPORTS DISCOUNT: Charlie reminded all that presenting your HSD membership card entitles you to a 10% discount at Pro Sports (sorry, not for fishing licenses).

FISHING LICENSES UPDATE: Brandi said fishing licenses have a new format. It’s an automated system that allows licenses to be tracked – the owner must surrender his/her old one before a new one will be issued.

CLUB NUMBERS DIMINISHING… : Cliff expressed concern that the club membership is diminishing, sparking a conversation about public outreach, meeting announcements and other methods to get the membership numbers up. Discussion ensued regarding club name – Humboldt Skindivers vs. Scubadivers. [To be discussed at February meeting].

MONTEREY DIVE IN 2011: Put these dates in your calendar – May 20-22, 2011. Charlie has offered his family’s beautiful home for lodging. Details to come at monthly meetings.

RAFFLE: The membership cards were collected and names drawn. Those selected got to pick from the pile of wonderful things, including three special items donated by Pro Sports (thank you, Charlie, for arranging that!).

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO PRO SPORTS: Thank you very much to Pro Sports for donating gifts for our raffle. President Cliff will write them a note.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.


Respectfully submitted in the absence of a regular club secretary,

Mary VanCott

November 9, 2010

Humboldt Skindivers Meeting Minutes

Minutes – November 9, 2010

ATTENDEES: President Ron Queen, Treasurer Stand-in Donna Queen, Secretary Stand-in Mary VanCott, Cliff VanCott, Charlie Notthoff, Brandi Easter, Donna White, Dave White, Frank Onstine and guest, Clyde Queen.

1. Call To Order: Meeting was called to order by President Ron at 7:10pm.

2. WELCOME: By President Ron.

3. NEWCOMER: Ron introduced our special guest, his dad Clyde.

4. MINUTES: Minutes from the meeting of October 12 were accepted by club members.

5. TREASURERS’ REPORT: Treasurer Julie submitted the Treasurer’s Report by email – the total is the same as last month ($1205.21) as reimbursements approved in October have not yet been paid.


  • MLPA: Representatives Charlie & Brandi provided an update on the latest proposals on this important issue. Brandi said that the stakeholders came to an unprecedented unified proposal recently which will be presented in February. Charlie said they had hoped the Blue Ribbon Task Force (BRTF) would accept because of the belief that Humboldt is different so perhaps outside of the guidelines – they’ll know more later. Discussion followed and more to be reported at future meetings. For details, contact Brandi or Charlie.
  • MEETINGS IN DECEMBER & JANUARY: Please note that the Humboldt Skindivers will not be meeting in December or January at Chan’s. [Note: Information relayed to Andy at November meeting.]
  • 2011 ELECTION OF NEW OFFICERS / ANNUAL POTLUCK: January 8 (5:00pm – ?) is the date for the Annual Potluck / Election of New Officers. This event will be at the VanCott’s home in McKinleyville. An email will be sent shortly before the date with a request for RSVP (as the club will be providing meat – sounds like Cliff is going to do his Famous BBQ Ribs – don’t miss this, carnivores! Don’t worry – tofu will also be available).  Motion passed to provide $100 to Cliff to purchase meat. BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage).  And don’t forget to bring your old dive equipment for the raffle! All newly paid members will have a chance at getting something amazing.
  • For the election, open positions are President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Newsletter Sender. Please think seriously about contributing to the club by running (or re-running) for an office. If you’re interested in one of these positions, show up at the January potluck or, if you can’t make it, let Ron know you’re interested.
    …And a grateful thank you from Cliff & Mary to Charlie for his kind offer to help prepare for this event.
  • INCREASING CLUB MEMBERSHIP: Charlie will talk to Jennifer of Humboldt Surfriders to inquire about co-sponsoring Ocean Night at the Arcata Theater Lounge sometime. Frank will also look into it and report back. Other discussion included revisiting Public Service Announcements (PSAs), flyers/handouts at ProSports and Subsurface Progression. (To be included as an agenda item at meeting early next year)


  • “TASTE OF THE HOLIDAYS” – not necessarily a dive event, but a member of the club is selling tickets. See Brandi for details. Event is November 18 and ticket sales benefit the Sunrise Rotary – Arcata.
  • AMIGA’S BURRITOS: This restaurant in Eureka (5th & E) has granted HSD permission to hang photos by divers starting November 27 at noon. If you have a photo you would like to hang up (doesn’t have to be dive- or water-related) but are unable to be there on Nov 27, contact Donna Queen who is happy to do it for you. No size limit. If the photo you’re hanging is for sale, let Donna know how much it costs.
  • EMAIL FROM CHET EDELINE: Abalone competition! He has one to compare with others for the 2010 record. Please bring your abalone shells to the potluck on January 8 for measuring.
  • MONTEREY DIVE IN 2011?: Charlie offered his family’s beautiful home for lodging if the club would like to schedule a dive in Monterey next year. If you’re interested in going, please email him with any BAD dates (when you can’t go) and he’ll put together a couple of potential good dates.


9. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

The next “meeting” will be the potluck and election of officers at Cliff & Mary’s home on January 8 from 5pm – ?. Watch for an email in early January for directions and potluck information. The next time we meet at Chan’s will be February 8, 2011.

Respectfully submitted in the absence of the regular club secretary,

Mary VanCott

September 14, 2010

Humboldt Skindivers Meeting Minutes

Minutes – September 14, 2010

ATTENDEES: President Ron, Donna Q, Treasurer Stand-in Denis, Secretary Stand-in Mary, Cliff, Steve, Frank, Carol and Jim.

1. Call To Order: Meeting was called to order by President Ron  at 7:00pm.

2. WELCOME TO NEWCOMERS: No newcomers tonight.

3. MINUTES: Minutes from the meeting of August 10 were accepted by club members.

4. TREASURERS’ REPORT: In the absence of Treasurer Julie, Denis presented the Treasurer’s Report. We gained $1 after turning in the key so now have $1376.43.


  • PHOTO SHOW/ARTS ALIVE: Club members are currently displaying their photos at Arcata Exchange during the month of September.  Donna Q sold one of hers (way to go, Donna!)
  • WHISKEYTOWN DIVE: The club has chosen this site to participate in the annual California Coastal Clean-up on Saturday, September 25. See the September newsletter – the note from Brandon gives overall details regarding Whiskeytown and the clean-up event.  Emails will be sent out a few days prior in case more people decide to go. Donna Queen suggested the campsite receipts be reimbursed by the club as it is a club event – passed. She was also given permission to take the banner and display it on their hood.
  • SWEATSHIRTS: Available now. Let Ron know if you’d like to purchase one and he’ll bring it to the next meeting. (Frank suggested the next batch be navy blue with our logo so members who currently have gray ones will buy another. Stand-in Secretary Mary seconds that.)
  • 2011 ELECTION OF NEW OFFICERS: In January the club will elect new officers for the positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Newsletter Sender. Please think seriously about contributing to the club by running (or re-running) for an office. If you’re interested in one of these positions, show up at the January potluck (date and location to be announced at a meeting later this year) or, if you can’t make it, let Ron know you’re interested.


  • DIRECTION OF CLUB: The discussion that began at the August meeting regarding 1) should the club continue (all in favor of continuing) and 2) how can we get the word out to increase our numbers? (Lots of great ideas but more would certainly be welcomed) Ideas discussed at meeting include utilizing free Public Service Announcements (PSA), free advertising in the Times-Standard (under “North Coast Happenings,” and the “Community Calendar” on KHUM and KHSU, as well as participating in the Arcata Theater Lounge’s “Ocean Night.” Discussion also included either changing the name of the club to be more SCUBA-oriented (not preferred) or to include in our announcements and advertisements more detail about what the club is about (preferred) (e.g., “Humboldt Skindivers is a non-profit organization that focuses on recreational diving, both SCUBA and skindiving,” etc.) Discussion to be continued at future meetings, including the consideration of a new officer position added to the HSD Council entitled “Publicity” or equivalent. Frank and Cliff both volunteered to help with publicity actions, starting with pictures and a write-up of the Coastal Clean-up activity, with strong consideration of focusing on February as a “recruiting” month.
  • RECENT DIVES: Frank did some abalone diving off the Headlands – said there was great conditions and that it was sunny.
  • NEW DIVES: Whiskeytown Coastal Clean-up September 25. Contact Ron for details… Russian Gulch October 9 (meet at 10am)– look for email a few days prior for details.

7. PRESENTATION: The “presentation” was Frank Onstine’s one-minute video of his recent dive at the Headlands (abalone). Amazing camera! (Olympus – good to 30 feet)

8. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

The next meeting will be September  14 at 7:00 p.m. at Chan’s Restaurant, 359 “G” Street, Arcata.

Respectfully submitted in the absence of the regular club secretary,

Mary VanCott