September, 2010

President’s Message

Greetings Fellow Divers!

Now that the sun has finally come out in Humboldt County I hope a few of you are taking the opportunity to get in some COLD water diving.

I want to thank Mary Van Cott for her presentation on medical concerns for divers.  I think we all learned something new, if only not to scuba dive with breast implants! Thanks again Mary for being so informative and funny.

The South Jetty dive planned for August 21st didn’t happen due to high swells and bad visibility. The cold weather and fog drove us indoors for most of the bar-b-queue but we had fun anyway and the food, as always, was great.

At the meeting Tuesday night we will be discussing the upcoming Cleanup Dive at Whiskeytown Lake. Try to keep September 25/26 open for a fun weekend of camping and diving.

Be safe and dive with a friend….

Donna White

Pres. of Vice

August, 2010

President’s Message

I would like to than Patricia Terry for the presentation she did on Fish and Game’s ROV that is checking fish populations and fish health.  It was very interesting and I am sorry more people didn’t show up.

Patricia also did a great job on the Slant Bridge dive the following weekend.  She did an underwater scavenger hunt.  The first go round only two items were found, so we had to go back for the second time to find all of the abalone shells.  Prizes were given to those who found the shells.  Again, there were only 6 club members diving.

This year we have had a hard time getting planned dives in because of weather.  It seems like when we did get a dive in it was poorly attended.  Our meetings have also been poorly attended.  This year I became president only because no one else would run.  This brings up the question of if we should continue the dive club?  This will be discussed at the next meeting.

Ron Queen

At this month’s meeting Mary Van Cott will be presenting a program on Dive Medicine.  Please join us for dinner, a short meeting, and an interesting and informative dive presentation.

July 2010

President’s Message

At this month’s meeting:

Patricia Terry will give a presentation on the California Fish and Game Dept’s Remotely Operated Vehicles underwater program. The presentation will explain what the program is working on and will include videos taken during the program.

We will also will discuss the upcoming Crescent City/Slant Bridge dive tentatively scheduled for either the 17th or 18th.  We need to decide which date will work the best for the most members and which site(s) we want to dive. Maybe the weather will cooperate for a change.

Ron has some information on how to participate in an underwater fish count for Redwood National Park.

August is the HSD month to hang underwater photos at the Arcata Exchange as a part of Arts Arcata! They would like us to hang our photos at noon on Sunday August 1st.  Any underwater/dive related photos taken at any time are eligible.

One of the displays in the July Arts Arcata!, is an underwater photo display by Dr. James Quillen.  The display consists of very large underwater photos, mostly taken in the South Pacific.  The display is in the upstairs display room at the Umpqua Bank, 11th and G streets, Arcata, and runs until July 29th.

June, 2010

President’s Message

Greetings Divers,

If it would ever stop raining we might get in some diving!  Our May Trinidad beach dive was cancelled due to, what else, rain. Hopefully we will get a nice day for the Crawdad Dive on June 13th.  We will make a plan for the day at our June 8th meeting.

The program for the June meeting will be the long overdue showing of our 2009 Cozumel movie. The action packed film includes a wide cast of characters including; yours truly, Dave, Donna, Ron, Otto, Ben, Cliff, Mary, assorted friends and, oh yea, the fish and other critters. Don’t miss it!

See you all there.

Pres. of Vice,

Donna White

May, 2010

President’s Message


The weather beat us again.  I have concerns that Whiskeytown will have big swells when we dive there in September.  When we go to Trinidad in June we will at least have a Bar-B-Q.  When all else fails, we eat.

Donna White is working on a video for the next meeting so come and enjoy.

Thanks to those who entered photos and those who came to see them.  We had a great turn out.


April, 2010

President’s Message

If you want the weather in Fort Bragg to be bad, just plan an Ab Grab and it will be bad.  Our next attempt will be in two weeks.

This months meeting will feature the underwater photo contest.  It will be an opportunity to see some great shots taken by our members.  You will also see photos from different cameras.  When my wife started taken underwater shots 30 years ago, she used a Canon F1 and an Ikelite housing.  The cost of the complete system was about $2000. The next phase was a Nikons 5 which was also about $2000.  My video camera and housing was about $2500.  There are now cameras that will do both and are digital with 10 mp.  These start at about $400.  It is much cheaper to get started today than it has been in the past.  Come check out the cameras and the photos.

President Ron

March, 2010

President’s Message

Dear Divers,

As I looked out over my frosted lawn today it was hard to think about putting on a wet suit and diving in water that is 50 degrees, or less, and diving 70 or 80 feet. Been there, done that. Now, the thought of 80 to 82 degree water does appeal to me.

We will have a committee report on proposed club activities for the rest of the year including dives and other activities. Last year we had a crawdad dive that was like a shallow, fresh water, miniature lobster dive. If you ran out of air, you just stood up.

There has been a lot of activity with the MLPA and I hope Brandi will be there to bring us up to speed. Patricia Terry has also contacted me about doing a presentation from Fish and Game related to MLPA.

So, come to the meeting on Tuesday night and voice your opinion.


February, 2010

President’s Message

Dear Divers,

I said you would have to move heaven and earth to get me to be president again. Well at the last meeting the earth did move and I need to check with Julie Potter to see if heaven moved. When MY WIFE nominated me the words of Lyndon Johnson came to mind, “If nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve.” But, before I could speak I was president.

I would like to thank Denis Potter for the great job he did last year as president. He did such a good job I thought he should be president again this year!
In the 10 years I have been diving and a member of the club, Donna and I have made some very good friends. There are many more people in this area who dive and are not members of the club. I would like to find these people and get them involved. Who knows what new friends we might meet.

Ron Queen

January, 2010

President’s Message

Greetings Fellow Divers:

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday season. I doubt many had an opportunity to do much diving, but that doesn’t need to stop us from contemplating the chances for this upcoming year. I hope some great plans are being formulated.

New plans need to be made for the club as well. As you know, January is the month when our annual club potluck takes place, and when new officers are elected. At our last meeting Ron and Donna Queen offered their house as the gathering spot for the potluck. This next Saturday, January 9th, is the date to remember. Don’t forget to bring a treasured dive gear item for the exchange, and fifteen bucks for your membership dues. The whole thing starts at 5:00 p.m. If you don’t know where the Queens live, I’m sure Dave will be providing a map on one of the following pages.

Remember, this meeting is for the election of officers. Be thinking of who would be willing and able to serve. Those not attending are eligible!

Hope to see you at the potluck.

Denis (retiring president)

December 2009

President’s Message

Greetings Fellow Divers:

Quite a number of our club members have just returned from extended dive vacations. I don’t know how many finally ended up going to Cozumel, but I am sure we will get a full report at the meeting. Preliminary indications from those I have talked to suggest that it was a great time. Julie and I went to Fiji for diving. If you happen to receive “Alert Diver” magazine, the Fall 2009 issue has an article on Central Fiji; those are the sites we dove in the Bligh Waters. It was great diving, but a little colder than we expected. Our program for this month will be a full report from all those who have gone to those far off places.

At our last meeting we put off making some decisions for the end of the year. Notably, we need to decide on the time and location for the annual potluck. This is an important event since it involves the election of club officers. Those of you interested in seeking an office should start campaigning right away (corporate donations and television ads probably aren’t necessary). If you are interested in hosting this event at your home, please don’t be afraid to speak up; it’s nice to have it at different places if possible.

This will be my last president’s message for the year. I want to thank all of you for the support you have given the club and diving in general. I particularly wish to thank the other officers in the club: Dan, Dave, Ron and Julie for their timely contributions and input.

Hope to see you at the December 8th meeting.