September 2011

Hello fellow Divers!

While summer might be starting to fade, it is FAR from over for us!  With the upcoming California Coastal Cleanup at Whiskeytown Reservoir coming in just over a week, we have another great opportunity to DIVE in warmer water with great vis.  Make sure you attend our meeting next Tuesday (Sept 12th) where we will go over all the details.  We dove there last year and the new location at the “Curtain” promises to be easy, safe, interesting and fun.  You’ll be sad if you miss this!

Also at our next meeting are two interesting subjects.  One is the proposal by California Fish and Game to yet again limit Abalone take.  Charlie will cover some of the details regarding this issue and the club will be asked to present an opinion, perhaps for presenting at the Redding meeting on the 15th.  If you have an opinion on this, you need to let it be known.

The other special subject covered at the next meeting is ‘Diving for a Cause’.  Brandi (who provided a NICE fresh ling cod fillet at the Trinidad BBQ, by the way!) recently participated in this activity by diving in La Paz, and will share some of her observations in an informal presentation at the dive meeting.

In addition to all of this, we hope to look over a variety of pictures from fellow divers.  Some may be selected for display at the Marina Café (with THANKS to Denis for all his efforts in framing this issue!)

…and of course there’s the normal friendship and camaraderie of visiting with like-minded people that‘s not to be missed!  So… if you want to hear about last month’s dive/BBQ at Trinidad, if you want to know more about the upcoming events, if you have an opinion you want to share, or if you just want to hang with other divers for a while: set aside an hour or so next Tuesday to join us at Chan’s in Arcata (at 7 pm) for this month’s meeting of the Humboldt Skin Divers!

Remember, “The world is run by the people who show up!”  I hope to see you show up there… Cliff

August, 2011

Well, to start off with, let me once again say how sad I am that the weather and seas are not always our friends.   As the seas come up, the safety goes down and this was a wise move to call off the South Spit dive.   It seems that the dive at South Spit simply was not meant to be.  At least not yet… but we’ll keep it in mind!

Also, a hearty “Thank You” to Dave White for keeping track of the weather and keeping people posted.

Did anyone else see the whale under the bridge at Klamath?  I SO wanted to jump in the water and swim with her… but there are SO many things wrong with that idea!  For those who are interested (and have not been able to see her yourselves) we will have a few short video clips to show at the meeting.

In August we plan on diving in Trinidad Harbor, which is quite a bit more protected and forgiving than the South Spit.   It is also where the Trinidad Pier is… and that has some construction work starting up soon.  We will be discussing the impact of the pier construction on our dive plans, and other potential sites at the meeting coming up next week at Chan’s in Arcata.  I hope to see you there.  The meeting is at 7 pm, and anyone is welcome to come… see you all there on Tuesday the 9th.


July, 2011

Hello fellow Divers!

A hearty greeting from a sunny and warm North Coast!  Summer has finally come in full swing, and the weather is prime for diving… so quite a few of us had a fun mini-bug dive in the clear blue waters in Blue Lake.  Come to the meeting this Tuesday to hear glorious tales of the mighty hunters… in water where the Safety Plan, if difficulties prevailed, was… “Stand Up”!   While perhaps not as productive as the waters off Santa Barbara, our annual ‘Crawdad Crawl’ was a simple and fun-filled day in the sun!

Join us at 7 pm Tuesday in the back room of Chan’s restaurant in Arcata for this month’s meeting of the Humboldt Skin Divers, where we have lots to discuss.  There’s the upcoming attempt to dive the South Spit of Humboldt Bay at the end of July, Beer and Brats at the Queen’s office in Fortuna for the Auto-Rama on the 22nd, and a potential Ab Grab in August to discuss… as well as any other suggestions for fun in the water.   (How about another Scavenger Hunt, anyone?!)

We also have a slowly growing library of aquatic-themed videos and DVDs to screen, take a look at the minutes below for a list of the latest additions available for checkout at the meeting.  They are free for members, check out this meeting, bring back at the next.

Remember, there are three kinds of people… Those who make things happen, those who let things happen… and those who wonder what happened!  Let’s get together and make some diving things happen!  We’ll be looking for you this Tuesday at Chan’s… See you there!   Cliff

June, 2011

Hello fellow Humboldt Skindivers,

I am looking forward to our June presentation on the Monterey Dives.  It will show a few pictures of what it looks like under the sea at the Breakwaters in Monterey.  Others will add their (our!) two cents worth about the club dive.  I’ll leave the details to the meeting… but it sure was an exciting time!!

Sadly, only five of us enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to visit Monterey that Charlie Notthoff’s generous hospitality provided.  Staying at his family’s home in Pebble Beach, we were able to dive ‘the Breakwater’ at Monterey Bay and the fantastic Point Lobos State Reserve.  While sea conditions at first appeared rough, these protected locations enabled us to access nice diving on Friday; and on Saturday, the clear and sunny weather afforded us the quintessential kelp forest dive.  The diving was absolutely stunning… and the fellowship was even better!!  Thank you, Charlie, for enabling us lucky few…

We are looking at a day-dive a lot closer in the month of June.  At this coming meeting we will discuss the options, including chasing crawdads (crayfish) in the fresh waters of Blue Lake before a brick-oven pizza….or ???  Bring your ideas and diving desires to the next meeting so we can make them happen.

Remember, “The world is run by the people who show up.”  Make sure YOU show up at 7 pm, Tuesday the 14th of June at Chan’s in Arcata.  See you there!   Cliff

May, 2011

Hello fellow DIVERS!

We enjoyed a wonderful showing of Kirby’s videos at our last meeting, wonderful shots of Humboldt waters with VIS.  I’ve heard it happens here, and it was great to see someone actually got to enjoy these northern waters while seeing where you go.  Many thanks, Kirby.

It’s beginning to look like spring here in Humboldt, clouds are gone and the sun is out and shining.  On days like this you just gotta love living up here!

Now to diving… don’t forget the dive trip to Point Lobos on the 21st.  I just checked and there is still space to get your reservation in.  If you are planning on making this dive, remember to get your reservation in NOW.  It’s almost a certain thing there will be no way to dive if you “just show up”!  Charlie Notthoff is making his home in Pebble Beach available to divers also… MANY thanks to him for this!

We will discuss the Point Lobos dive trip in detail at the next meeting… and many other interesting dive-related (and perhaps not so dive-related!) subjects at CHAN’S Restaurant in Arcata at 7 pm on Tuesday the 10th.  All who are interested are welcome, and I hope to see you there!

Your trusted servant …Cliff

April, 2011

Hi All,

It’s that time again… time for the APRIL meeting of the Humboldt Skindivers!

March was a rewarding meeting where we got a lot done and charted out some of the activities for 2011.  I am impressed with the ideas and the energy that you bring to these discussions and I thank you all for participating.  Remember… the world is run by those who show up!

It’s nice to welcome Dave Price and Kirby Morejohn, who visited with us for the first time.  It is always good to have new people join us.  Hopefully we will watch some of Kirby’s fantastic underwater videos of local waters in our April meeting, I have previewed some on U-Tube and they are wonderful!

If you are planning on going to the May trip to Monterey and hope to dive at Point Lobos on the 21st (Saturday), grab a partner and make your reservations ASAP.  Reservations for entry into the marine reserve are required and can be made at Don’t delay, the reservations can go fast.

Thanks go out to Donna White for taking notes at our last meeting, it helped a lot.  We cannot function without someone recording what we’re trying to get done!

If you find yourself feeling a little apart from the group and would like to feel more a part of the group, perhaps you can step up to fill the important, but not too demanding, office of the club Secretary!  We need you… to take notes at our meetings!  If anyone is interested or willing to be the club Secretary, just show up at the April meeting and we’ll see what we can do!

Looking forward to seeing you all next Tuesday (12th) at Chan’s in Arcata!!  … til then… Cliff

March, 2011

Hello fellow divers!

I’d like to start by thanking Brandi for carrying the meeting after we left last month, I hear it was a good presentation and I’m sorry we missed it.  Also, thanks to Ben for note-taking!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at our next gathering.  Let’s come with our calendars and prepare to fill in some dates for a variety of this year’s activities.  There are crawdads to harass, fresh-water rivers to explore, trash to retrieve from the bottom of Whiskeytown and abalone to feast on… and that’s just the stuff that comes quickly to my one, single mind.  By putting all our heads together, we will be able to come up with plenty of fun things to do together this year!  Bring your club activity ideas and let’s talk about them!

See you all next week.  Remember… Chan’s, 7 pm (come early and eat if you like… many of us do!) on Tuesday, March 8th.

Bring a friend and remember… “Pain shared is cut in half, joy shared is doubled!”


February, 2011

Hello fellow divers!

I am grateful to the Humboldt Skindivers for your confidence and support in electing me as your club President for 2011.  I will do all I can to serve you well!

I’d really like to again thank Ron Queen (President), Julie Potter (Treasurer) and Dave White (Newsletter Publisher) for the help and support they provided in 2010.

This year, our appreciation also goes to Brandi Easter (Vice president), Julie Potter (Treasurer) and Dave White (Newsletter Publisher) for accepting (returning to!) their respective positions.  Our club could not function smoothly without the efforts of these trusted servants!

Speaking of service, we continue to have an opening in the position of Secretary.  If anyone is interested in taking notes for the meetings, please let us know.  We NEED this position filled and it’s a great way to feel more a part of the club!

Those who attended this year’s Annual Elections had a wonderful time at Mary and my home sharing fellowship and tall tales while making ribs and other munchies disappear.  If you missed it, we’re sorry… lots of fun was had by all!

Now its time to greet the new year with new ideas.  Please bring your thoughts regarding public outreach, to raise community awareness of us and build up our numbers.  Hopefully this will be a year of growth!  Also bring program ideas that interest you… and activity ideas you think might interest others.  Our club will do more if we have more ideas!

For the upcoming meeting on April 8th (next Tuesday), many thanks to Brandi who has invited Casey Allen to be our guest speaker.  Casey will share about the artificial reef project outside Humboldt Bay.

Be sure to join us at Chan’s restaurant in Arcata on Tuesday the 8th at 7pm.  We’ll be looking forward to seeing you there…

… and have a great day!  Cliff

November, 2010

President’s Message

The holidays are here so we will not have a meeting in December.  The January Meeting will be held at Cliff and Mary Van Cott’s house at 1771 Rae Ct. in McKinleyville on January 8th.

This will be a potluck dinner with the club providing ribs ala Cliff. Please bring a side dish, salad, or a dessert plus whatever you want to drink.

In addition to the dinner, there will be the election of the 2011 officers and a dive gear swap, so bring any extra dive items that you have.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season.

Ron Queen, soon to be the past president.

October, 2010

President’s Message

The dive at Whiskeytown Lake was a big success.  We had five divers in the water and we gathered everything from beer cans to kitchen chairs.  There was a tri-tip bar BBQ on Saturday night.  Cliff and Brandon did a second dive at what is called the curtain.  Cliff will go into more detail at the meeting.  We asked if they would like for us to come back next year and they said yes.

We have a dive planned for this coming Saturday at Russian Gulch.  Some will dive with tanks and some will free dive.  The forecast is for the ocean to lay down at the end of the week, so maybe we can get an ocean dive in this year.  Call Cliff for more information.