About Us

Humboldt Skindivers was organized in 1956, and is a charter member of Central California Council of Dive Clubs (CEN CAL). The club is a non-profit organization and was established to encourage sensible conservation & protection of marine life, as well as to promote skin diving, SCUBA diving, underwater photography, collection of marine specimens, and spear fishing. The club promotes good fellowship, sociability and cooperation between members by practicing the sport together in a spirit of mutual assistance and interest.

Humboldt Skindivers meets every second Tuesday at 7:00PM in Arcata at Chan’s Restaurant, 359 G Street. Club meetings are informal and enjoyable. Free-divers, SCUBA divers, snorkelers, or even people who just enjoy the sea are welcome. The club encourages dive functions and awards in recognition of outstanding or unusual achievements, i.e.; Largest Abalone, Scallop, Fish, and Underwater Photography. Awards are recognized at the annual club party each January. At the same time new club officers are elected.